WB Autumn Update 2014

the bay


Things appear peaceful here on Snowbank.

There are no boats or canoes on the lake but there is an underlying sense of urgency amongst all the creatures dwelling here. Only a small and precious number of days remain until the “freeze-up”. So the muskrats and beavers gather feverishly while the deer begin to migrate towards town. Thousands of ciscoes storm the reef off the point cabin in a mating frenzy. I can hear them tonight as I walk down to the sauna. They are jumping like crazy which sounds like a gang of children throwing rocks into the lake.

Looking across the bay towards the portage, I see Orion, the winter-maker rising.

I feel grateful for things like these.

These are things that happen every year at the same time despite what our calendars say. For some reason, this comforts me.

I also feel grateful for all of our guests who come to Wilderness Bay year after year and share their summer vacations with us.

Sincerest wishes for a good winter,




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